Unicare, developed by CLB, connects and integrates all electronic equipment and sensors in a building by means of one or more networks (i.e. ISDN, IP, ZigBee), enabling all devices to communicate with each other. It is the heart of the total communication system for any building.

A few of the many integrations that we have realized are nurse call systems, staff protection systems,  telephony, fire-detection, access control and many more facility management functions - irrespective of the supplier/manufacturer. We have worked out 12 concepts to provide you with a structured format about the vast possibilities of our communication system unicare.

The total communication solution offered by the unicare system has proven itself in many markets, such as the health care market, staff protection systems and building management. Today, unicare is in use by over 1,700 companies and organisations. You will find it in hospitals, elderly homes, nursing homes, auction buildings, offices, museums, ministries, penitentiaries, high security psychiatric units and many more.

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