CLB supplies several staff protection systems. These systems are specifically developed for situations where staff is confronted with aggressive behaviour or for life-threatening situations. But they are also used in situations where staff has expressed discomfort concerning their safety situation. The system offers staff the possibility to call for assistance, for example from colleagues or security staff.

One push of a button is sufficient to call for help. Some devices can also automatically activate an alarm when the cord of the device is pulled violently or when the person carrying the device, falls. Furthermore, the devices can be continuously monitored for proper functioning, making the system extremely reliable. Moreover, by using location detection, the system knows where the person who has activated the alarm is located and this can be used to notify the people nearest to the incident.

Staff protection systems are modular systems. Location detection and call confirmation are, for example, optional features of the system. That is why the systems are suitable for all kinds of situations and workplaces, from small to very big. We have systems in operation varying from 2 to 2,500 pagers for one location.

Some staff protection systems

  • WMG (WiFi based)
  • Bodyguard
  • DECT with alarm
  • GSM with alarm