Ergovoice Telephone

The ergonomically brilliant Ergovoice offers numerous practical functions making the telephone easy to use for people of all ages. The ergonomics of the keypad, the large buttons and the extra large display make this telephone particularly suitable for elderly or disabled people.

The telephone has an alarm button, which when pressed builds up a connection with the unicare® control centre. This unicare® control centre informs the right people and ensures that help is dispatched as quickly as possible. The telephone can also be used as a stand alone telephone, without the unicare® control centre. If an alarm is activated in a stand alone situation, the phone will call to (maximum four) pre-programmed numbers, for example family, neighbours or friends. A pre-recorded message will inform these people about the situation. With a wrist band or pendant, the alarm can also be activated remotely.

Some features:

  • Large and lit buttons
  • Telephone is suitable for people with hearing aids
  • Acoustic surveillance
  • Memo function
  • Speaker function
  • Hands-free calling


For further details, please download the following pdf-file: