Self Dialling Digital Care Unit (ZBCU)

Our self-dialling digital care unit (ZBCU) is especially developed for delivering assistance call facilities over large distances. In case of a calamity or an alarm, the unit sends a message to the unicare® control centre. With a clientPC or any other communication device, such as DECT phones, GSM's or PDA's, staff can listen in to the room where the alarm was made - even over very long distances. The system makes use of the public ISDN network. Besides listening in to a room, it is also possible to talk back since the unit supports two-way speech. In this way, the person who made the alarm can be reassured that help is on the way.

An important application of the unit is long distance acoustic surveillance and domotics applications. The unit offers many options for connecting other devices, such as door contacts, motion detectors, fire detection systems, and burglary systems.

Some features:

Connections for call units, speaker/mic units and recording chips
  • Standard ISDN communication
  • High reliability with frequent test intervals
  • Can be programmed remotely
  • Free data communication using the ISDN D-channel

    For further details, please download the following pdf-file: