Calamity calls

Unicare offers an efficient call system to start up and manage the process of emergency assistance in case of calamities.

For each type of calamity you pre-define the people, number of people and/or groups of people who should provide assistance. The system will manage the process to ensure that the right people, not too few but not too many either, are informed about the situation. The calls can be made to any kind of communication device.

The system offers a high degree of reliability. When you make use of two-way communication devices, the system can wait for call confirmation and include it in the process. In this way, the system knows who will attend and whether they will be able to be there in time.

In other words, the total process of calling up the right people and confirming their attendance to the emergency situation is under control; and that is exactly what you want in case of a calamity.

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