Domotics (home automation) is the electronic communication between different applications within a building, providing comfort and safety.

Unicare domotics applications are often used in (semi-)assisted living projects. The system connects devices within the apartment or across the property for more intelligent use of the building's facilities.

Some examples

  • Manual and automatic control over awnings, using variables such as weather conditions (brightness, temperature and wind) as well as overrides used for example for the window-cleaner.
  • Automatically switching off household appliances (cookers, stove, etc) upon leaving the apartment.
  • A motion detector serving as an alarm system when nobody is in the apartment, buts serving as a well-being system for elderly (for example, a notification can go out to staff when no activity in the apartment has been detected for a certain time period. This period can be set for each apartment individually, and can be switched off by the resident).


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