Basically unicare is all about interfaces. We guarantee to integrate any communication system into our unicare® engine (for a fixed price).

This enables you to use both CLB systems as well as third party systems at the same time. Unicare is the supervisor monitoring all systems and ensuring that (mutual) dependencies, which can be predefined, are adhered to. Moreover, by integrating all functionalities, the user can keep control over the whole system, using only one monitor and graphical user interface.

And just as we offer you unlimited opportunities for integrating all kinds of different systems in a building (in-coming) we do the same for outgoing systems. We can relay messages to any kind of communication device, i.e. DECT, GSM, PDA, VoIP telephone, pager, over any kind of network, i.e. ISDN, IP (/WiFi), Zigbee, UHF/VHF pagers, etc.

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