Nurse call

CLB is one of the foremost suppliers of nurse call systems. We have been the first in Europe, and are to the best of our knowledge still the only one, who can supply a nurse call system which is approved by the new and strict European Guidelines (Class 2B) for Critical Medical Equipment.
This means that it has been approved to the same standards as critical medical equipment, such as heart and lung machines, and hence these machines can be connected to our system. This guarantees that the alarms calls are being sent through to the right people and that the equipment is continuously being monitored whether it is still operational.

With our client software, staff can define who should receive which calls. And this can be changed relatively easily. And, we are not limited to any communication device you would like to use for your staff. We can send the calls over any network to any device.

Since nearly all the parts of the system are freely programmable, we can design and implement a system based on exactly to your individual requirements. Furthermore, most units are equipped with additional RJ-45 connections for peripherals such as bed-mats, pear pushes, medical equipment, etc. We deliver “Technology with Care”.


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