CLB offers a whole range of security solutions for buildings and objects.

With unicare we protect many buildings and premises against burglary; for each situation, we create a suitable custom built system. By using secured connections, we have built in the required safety measures for sabotage, disconnected wires or short circuits.

Part of our security program is our Access Control systems. These systems allow you to control who enters (and leaves) the building, when, under what conditions, and can give you a real-time overview of the people present in a building. The system can be used with any access control reader, and can easily be expanded with features such as CCTV, motion detection, location detection, parking management, etc.

Next to the building security solutions, we also offer different types of object security solutions. Often these can be wireless and invisible to the eye. You can find these solutions applied for example in the main museums in the Netherlands, such as the Van Gogh museum.


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