Acoustic monitoring help support staff to improve care quality, provide greater privacy for residents and help to reduce operational costs.

Organisational benefits

CLB's Acoustic Monitoring system provides many organisational benefits. Click on the cards below for a few examples. 

  • Faster response

    Instead of patrolling the building, staff maintain a central position which puts them closer, on average, to all rooms. Patients in need of attention can therefore be reached faster.
  • Better level of care

    Because staff no longer have to go looking for problems, they have more time to devote to solving them. This results in more attentive patient care.
  • Better informed

    Resident information is automatically displayed with any alert received from their room and, if available, a video connection can be made. Alert-triggering events can be replayed if required.
  • Fast return on investment

    Increased staff efficiency enables cost savings that means the system pays for itself in a short period of time, while continuing to deliver all its benefits long after.

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