CLB nurse call systems and 3rd party sensors can easily be integrated. Enabling you
to receive all required information on a single screen.


The system can be easily expanded to incorporate CLB’s nurse call systems such as room lamps, pull cords, pear pushes and nurse call panels. Along with these, it can also integrate other types of sensors such as cameras, fire detectors, motion detectors, door contacts and bed mats, from various manufacturers.

For connecting additional devices, the serial data interface ESPA 4.4.4 is used.

Notifications from all additional sensors or nurse call systems are shown together on an Event Handler screen. This makes it as simple as possible for night staff to stay informed.

The system can be tailored for residents’ individual needs by setting rules that trigger special alerts based on combinations of events within a time-frame. For example, it can be set to hide alerts indicating a normal behaviour pattern such as a resident leaving their bed (triggers bed mat) and going to the bathroom (triggers bathroom door). But an alert would show if the resident got out of bed but did not go to the bathroom. These settings can be adjusted for each home and each resident.


  Overview of in-room sensors

Alert settings in scenarios