Receive alarms while on the move.

Alarm Distribution Apps

Portable notification

The CLB apps make it possible for staff to receive alarm or event notifications en route.

Messenger Apps

CLB has leveraged decades of experience in the field of critical communication systems to develop its Messenger apps. CLB’s system verifies that notifications have been delivered and if they are being handled in timely fashion. If not, the relevant notification is automatically forwarded to other users. The app also allows the user to have a live audio and video connection, as well and enabling them see and send out their position.

License types

There are three CLB Messenger types available; Medical Messenger, Smart Messenger and Emergency Messenger. Medical Messenger focusses on handling of incoming notifications only. Smart Messenger allows the care provider to have audio and/or video connections with devices that are part of systems such as Acoustic Monitoring devices and Intercoms. Emergency Messenger has the ability to act as a personal alarm device in case the care provider is in need of assistance. The device’s position can be broadcast to make it easy for others to locate the position of the emergency. The Medical and Emergency Messengers can be used separately or combined. Smart Messenger must be combined with Medical Messenger because its functionalities are add-ons for handling notifications.


Incoming notifications trigger the app to display prompts over other applications. If the device’s screen is disabled at the time of incoming notification, a custom lock screen is shown with details of the notification in order to prevent unintended notification handling. Users are thereby instantly informed of new notifications which can be handled without any unnecessary navigation effort.


Up to six priority levels with different colours can be used to prioritise notification types. Each notification type has a different icon and can be set to have a different ringtone, sound level, vibration type and repetition.

Nurse call display

The nurse call display has been developed to show notifications managed by the Unicare system, such as nurse calls, medical alarms and system errors. This gives the user an overview of all active notifications per department or ward on a single screen. Nurse call display is only intended for use as an additional, secondary device to show unhandled notifications.

Critical Alarm distribution

CLB’s messenger complies with the requirements specified by NEN 60601-1-8 “Distributed Alarm System” for medical application. Development was guided by the ISO 13485:2007 quality management system.